Thursday 9 / 19:00h / Pazo da Cultura

The finalists of these webseries projects awards in Galician, that are convened by Carballo’s town hall, will have to defend the purposes in front of a jury, made up by Xose Regueira (Councilor for Tourism and Economic Promotion of Carballo), Lucía Estévez (Director), Javi Camino (Director) and Andrea Villa (Activities Director of Carballo Interplay). They have 10 minutes to do it and there’s a 3.000€ award waiting for the webserie production.


A story of disenchantment, robberies and disappearances created by Pedro Souto.

Dolores, an octogenarian widow, wants to fake her dissappearance. She will use whoever is by her side through a chain of tricks and bad decisions in order to get her objective in a race to the abyss. 


A coming of age drama by Belén Puime Bao.

There are lots of situations in life that make us sigh and say “ LOL what a loser” and Xoana, Catu y Antía aren’t different in that. In each episode, these three roommates open their personal diary, which relates situations that made them feel like that. The break up with the first love, the feeling of not belonging to anything and the diagnosis of an STD are the key moments in which each character becomes the protagonist and tells the viewer in a sincere and casual way.


A project by Henfunk Studio (Anita Pico and Rocío López).

We are in 2021. Imagine the airline with the most personality on the globe, home of a group of quaint and fascinating characters responsible for the most fashionable section of the entire sky.


A dramatic comedy by Gemma Do Carmo and Margot Alvarado. Directed by Cris Andina.

A Coruña. Year 2040. The post Covid-19 era let the population mired in coldness and individualism. After the approval of euthanasia and the growing demand of citizens, motivated by the situation of absence of emotions, the government has just legalized suicide clinics, that increasingly support larger waiting lists. This is the story of one of those women with nullified emotions that decides to end her life.