Thursday 9th of September / 10h30 / Pazo da Cultura de Carballo

One of the objectives of Carballo Interplay is to continue transforming, growing, teaching and promoting Galician talent on the internet. That’s why in this edition, from the festival we articulate a meeting with the main spear tips in new digital narratives of the country.

Thursday 9 of september in the morning we will approach to the Youtube community with the creators Olaxonmario and Née Barros, we will continue following the growing world of podcast in Galician with Isaac González ( Podgalego), Samuel L. París ( MBA MAL) and Carme D. Prol (Café Derby 21), all of them members of two of the most successful podcasts of the last year. We will open the door to Tiktok with the sarcasm and the pop culture of Malva, we also will visit Twitter with the illustrious winners of the Galitwitter award Jon Amil (@ AmilGZ) and Mira1 cousinha (@_mira1 cousinha_), and finally, we will delve into the latest that is being done on Twitch with Agos Reigosa, one of the promoters of the Twitch initiative in Galician. 

How do we start creating content? How is the audience different on each network? What are they demanding? What do we have to take into account to create in the digital field? Are the creators of the diverse social networks interconnected with each other? At which moment is digital creation in Galicia? What challenges are there for the future? You will find the answer to all of these questions and more in this Master of the internet conducted by Alba Mancebo e Esther Estévez!

Masters of the internet: panel 1 | Youtube e Podcast con Olaxonmario, Née Barros, Isaac González, Samuel L. París and Carme D. Prol. Moderates: Alba Mancebo

Olaxonmario | Youtube

“Galician Youtuber condecorated more or less, and I make videos and things on the internet, apparently sometimes I make people laugh, and other ones people laugh at me. I also have a podcast where I speak about identity (national, local or personal) and I enjoy Azealia Banks.”

Née Barros | Youtube

“I like to write theatre, stories, poetry, playing music, singing, making short films, photos, complaining… But to tell the truth, the only thing I don’t like is being quiet. You can find me on social networks causing a stir as @neeumatiko”

Isaac González | Podgalego

“I founded Podgalego together with Uxío Broullón, collecting podcasts in Galician for more than 15 years ago. I have participated in several musical, radiophonic and podcasters projects. The last of them is Sexto Grado, an interview program.”

Samuel L. París | Podcast: MBA mal 

“Writer and musician, my creative activity, independent from the format, is always focused on comedy and humor. Proof of that is Francamente Cariño, the creative tandem that I form with Berto Álvarez, responsible for the MBA MAL podcast.”

Carme D. Prol | Podcast: Café Derby 21

“Journalist from time to time and voice on the Cafe Derby 21 podcast. I’ve got a master in journalistic and audiovisual production and another one in films with mummies.”

Masters of the internet: panel 2 | Tik Tok, Twitter e Twitch con Malva, Jon Amil, Mira1cousinha and Agos Reigosa. Moderates: Esther Estévez

Malva | Tik Tok

“Tiktoker by accident with a passion for Taylor Swift, teen movies and Sobrado dos Monxes.”

Leti da Taberna | Tik Tok

“I live in Compostela although I grew up in the Taberna de Paradela (Teixeiro), that’s why I like telling stories so much and being ironic. I make humor in a feminist key, trying to pull irony also to break with the clichés attributed to the Galician women”.

Jon Amil | Twitter

“Intelligence. Beauty. Ingenuity. Magnetism. I know the meaning of these words well, because I manage the @emgalego Twitter account. It would be weird that someone was behind a language office and didn’t know the meaning of these basic words.”

Mira1cousinha | Twitter

“I’m on Twitter because there aren’t enough philologists in it. In the 1.0 I’m a teacher and a lady from Compostela.”

Agos Reigosa | Twitch 

“I was content creator in A Navalla Suiza and I also collaborated with media such as Memoria Pixelada, Mola!, Mallando no Android and Revista Tempos. Now, in the free time that an oppositions student can afford, I’m dedicated to the initiative and community that is behind Twitch in Galician.”