With Joaquín Csáky and Lorena Iglesias.

Friday September 10th / 20h00 / Auditorio do Pazo da Cultura de Carballo

The B side of an Instagram beauty filter is a misplaced Instagram beauty filter. Instagram also has mistakes, as it can be seen on those disturbing images of the site This person does not exist. ASMR video bloopers, manosphere, deep fakes of melting famous people… A review that Lorena Iglesias and David Pareja will pass as a scientific study of the most shocking videos on the internet (informatic global decentralized network).


Actor (Inmotep, Julián Génisson, 2021, Todo va a sal mal, Toni Nievas, 2021), assistant in Cuéntame and comic collaborator in shows such as the Necroshow, Canodromo Abandonado and the Millennial Mal series by Lorena Iglesias. His chill but expressive comic style makes him the ideal candidate to be part of the Pochosfera.


Comedian, actress and screenwriter. Since 2019 she has a weekly show, always different, Necroshow. She also participates in radio programs, presentations and she collaborates with feminist events such as Princesas and Darthvaders, Riot Comedy, etc. Her comic style was described as “freaked out comedy” or “thinking out of the box”. Better to see. Better see to believe.