FRIDAY 10th | 16:00


Pepper is famous on YouTube and Instagram. His fans follow him because he’s ingenious, funny, and cute, but especially, because he works hard to keep his audience engaged. He’s at his peak and anything he posts immediately receives a huge amount of likes. Until one day, without explanation, his photos and videos start falling completely off the radar. Nobody sees them, nobody comments on them, nobody shares them, nobody likes them. Nobody likes him. Fans stop following on social media and brands start leaving him. This fall from grace will drive Pepper to start doing anything to try and get back the attention of his audience… and to avoid being pushed into the anonymity of life outside the web.

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Agustín, Lucero, Pedro and Amaral cross paths while surviving in a society they came to by their own will or by force majeure. All aspiring to live a better life.



After six months of debauchery in Miami, Fred returns to Montreal. Satisfied from his excessive vacation, he wants to reunite with his son Jacques, win back his ex-girlfriend Marie and make up for lost time with his best buddy Toto. But it turns out that while he was away, everybody has moved on. Marie has a new rich boyfriend, Toto has a new lifestyle, and Jacques isn’t quite sure what’s going on. In this second instalment of the popular webseries, we find the tortured souls of Dominos now trying to take charge of their lives and become better. Will Fred be able to win back the hearts of those he has taken for granted? 

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Refugee Roads is a documentary series with 8 episodes à 20-25 minutes. In summer 2016, two German students, Timo Schmidt and Florian Volz, set out from The Hague to cycle across Europe. The 71-day journey leads via Calais, Budapest and Lesbos to Athens. In other words, they travel the Western Balkan migration route in reverse. Motivated through their background in International Studies, the two seek to explore how the refugee crisis has changed since the formal closing of borders in early 2016. On their journey, Timo and Florian quickly realise that the stories of those still stuck in-between closed borders have everything but disappeared… A formative road trip as an informative documentary-series.

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FRIDAY 10th | 17:30


Short Form Dramedy Series Fritzi´s exciting 24 hours begin when she tries to rob her husband’s dealer. Fritzi wants to catch her husband’s drug dealer. She needs money for a private rehab: for the in-patient detoxification of her addicted husband. The drug dealer, a small fish who wants to get out of drug trafficking himself, needs money to support his sick father in a nursing home. Together they hatch a plan to screw the “big boss”and get some money. For Fritzi, the most exciting 24 hours of her life begin, during which she witnesses a murder, falls in love, gains great insights and at the end has to decide, with a bag full of cash, whether she really wants to save her husband? And this after everyone has sung their way through the big question, whether love is enough to save someone?

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Iria is a non playable video game character. She feels that destiny is more than what she has now, but she has to fight against the status quo in order to save the world and achieve her dreams.



With the weed dealer running late and his family out of town for a week, J’s grip on reality loosens when he gets promoted at work and starts experiencing hallucinations.

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José Luis (Mirna) is a cross-dresser and heads La Banda del Golden Cross, with Héctor (Luna), this a group of men who meet monthly in order to explore their feminine sides in secrecy. After an accident, in which his A-side and B-side collide, José Luis is forced to make a crucial decision.

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The relationships between ‘imperfect’ farm animals to special volunteers, some with their own ‘imperfections’.

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SATURDAY 11th | 16:00


Fred is unable to finish his thesis on Nietszsche. Out of money, he gets a job as the night-shift janitor in a 24h grocery store. Full of strange customers and even stranger staff, the grocery store eventually helps Fred find what his real place might actually be.



An Anthology Series Showcasing Open-Ended Micro-Stories Starring Women. Every Episode is approximately 1 minute long. “What’s Next?” is broadcast online by two media, Instagram series and the website created specifically for it.



Javiera and Pamela think it’s time to become functioning adults and so they want to find a place to live together. When they realize it’s not as easy as they’d like, Pamela opts for the conventional route: maintaining a mediocre job and a boring boyfriend that loves her, while Javiera tries to pursue her artistic dreams – without the rigor or talent to do so.

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