With Adrián Lede, Nicolás Carreira and Carme D. Prol.



Café Derby 21 is a podcast born from the cooking conversations in a student apartment. Adrián Lede, Nicolás Carreira and Carme D. Prol get together every week with a guest related to Galician culture to make an open discussion about the guest’s career, current events and whatever comes up. This time they open the door of their room to meet some of the creators of the moment in the new digital narratives of the country.

We will be joined by science communicator Tamara Pazos (@putamen_t); youtuber and tiktoker Prado Rúa; journalist Esther Estévez, visible face of ”Dígocho eu!”; content creator Olaxonmario and musician Berto.

Adrián Lede. I’m like Ume Matsuzaka: I’m older than I’d like to and I have never impressed anyone. Apart from that I’m a journalist, I created Café Derby 21 and I write in Quincemil

Nico Carreira. Journalist by the grace of a degree and now microniche star on the Internet, which is little but fills in the blanks in the biography of Tinder. Fond of the pleasure of doing nothing. I went through El Progreso and write for Táboa Redonda, among other miijobs.

Carme D. Prol. Something like a journalist and the high-pitched voice of Café Derby 21. I write, on Twitter and wherever I can, about culture and various complaints.

Tamara Pazos. I am a biologist with a master’s degree in Neuroscience from the USC. I work on my own as a science communicator in social networks with projects such as @putamen_t, @escueladepedantes, @neurociénciate and my podcast on the Podimo platform: ”Un humano por persona” (One human per person).

María Rúa. I am a content creator for social networks, where you know me as Prado Rúa. I like to mix topics, genres and formats, and in my channel you can find a makeup tutorial, a review of the Early Childhood Education tutorials or a care guide for frizzy hair.

Esther Estévez. I’m from Verín and I’m 24 years old. I studied journalism in Santiago de Compostela. I work in the social networks of TVG trying that we all learn something new about Galician every day in the funniest way possible with #DigochoEu.

Olaxonmario. I’m Olaxonmario, I’m from Boiro and I like to talk about Galician, the problems of minority cultures, stuff about Lusophony, rowing and piggies. Well, really, only about piggies, the rest is all performance.

Berto. I am a 24 year old musician and producer from Pontevedra, creator of projects like Verto, reinventing the way of making music in Galicia with our electronic pop. I started in December with my project Berto, with a more personal and non-transferable perspective and I am currently working for five groups as a music producer.