Join us to create a Dinosaur!

This is not a class… It’s a kamikaze audiovisual experience.

Three days of creativity working as a team with professionals from the audiovisual world. The participants will face the challenge of ideate, record and produce Dinosaur’s serie chapters. The resulting ones will be released in the opening of the IX festival’s edition.

The places will be assigned after a selection process. You don’t need to be a professional to participate, you only need wanting to live an audiovisual adventure. The pre-enroll process closes on March 28th. Once pre-registered, the festival will contact you to indicate the payment method in order to formalize your place.


DATES: April 4, 5, 6
TIME SCHEDULE: 09:00- 14:30 // 15:30-21:00
WHERE: Raz Surf Camp (Razo, Carballo)
FEE: 150 euros (including meals and accommodation)
No technical material will be provided.



Galician actor with a long career in film, television and theater trained in dramatic arts by the USC, among many other courses and training. He has worked on feature films such as “Malencolía”, “Ons”, “Los Fenómenos” or “Encallados” by Alfonso Zarauza, “¿Qué hicimos mal?” by Liliana Torres or “María y los otros” by Nely Regueira. He also in television series such as “Fariña”, “Serramoura”, “Padre Casares”, “El Noreste”, “4º sin ascensor” “Terras de Miranda” or “Cuestión de sexo”, among others. Also on the internet he is known for the web series “Entre Pipas” or “Angélica y Roberta”.



He studied Audiovisual Communication in Salamanca, and at the age of 25 he emigrated to New York, where he studied an intensive master’s degree in Directing and Cinematography. Since then he has lived and worked as a filmmaker, scriptwriter, editor, photographer, script analyst and director of photography in the United States, United Kingdom, Poland, France, Australia and Spain. With his first two short fiction films, ‘October’ and ‘Deux Options’, he was selected in more than 100 international festivals in 25 different countries, and his works won multiple international awards.

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Producer and co-founding partner of Gaitafilmes. Degree in Advertising and PR in the University of Vigo. Co-founding partner of the ‘meirega’ production company Gaitafilmes. Executive producer of the feature film Dhogs (2017), by Andrés Goteira. A film that won numerous awards, including 13 Mestre Mateo awards. Her latest work also includes the recently released documentary ‘Welcome to ma maison’, also finalist in the XX Mestre Mateo Awards in this category. She is currently working on the development of several fiction feature films (Monstro, Sucio Pó Estelar…) and documentaries (Aurora), among other audiovisual projects, as well as on the start-up, together with his partners Suso López and Andrés Goteira, of a Rural Film Editing Studio in the village of Mestre (Ribeira de Piquín). He is also responsible for marketing and communication of all Gaitafilmes projects, and apart from the production company, she works as Social Media Manager for several companies.

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David is a director of animation short films with a very personal take. With his last short film ‘Homomaquia’ he got a nomination at the Goya 2020 awards, the Audience Award at the Málaga Festival and the Mestre Mateo Award, among others, as well as being present at many festivals. He won the Best Webseries Project Award at the Carballo Interplay 2020, with which he was able to start his series Cacola. He is currently developing his short film Sandwich Cat and thinking up new stuff.

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True Crimer, No-Ficcioner, Vertov Lover, Vellenial, Navajo Suizo, lo mismo te escribo un capi de Serramoura que hago una peli experimental. Tengo especial predilección por las cosas híbridas, las mezclas y las lecturas que nacen de relacionar cosas entre sí.  Soy fiel defensor de la idea de que si no fuiste capaz de hacer tu peli en el rodaje, en el montaje tienes cientos de pelis posibles. Me gusta guionizar la realidad. Últimamente vengo de escribir un True Crimen para Atresmedia que espero vea la luz durante lo 2022 y doy vueltas por ahí con un film titulado “A Virxe Roxa” que está teniendo una fabulosa acogida entre el público y del que se están escribiendo cosas realmente hermosas. Anteriormente he dirigido “A viaxe de Leslie” (2014), “La Brecha” (2011), “Radiografía dun autor de tebeos” (2010) entre otras cosas que desde que comencé en 2001 escribiendo Mareas Vivas me tuvieron ocupado y entretenido los últimos 20 años.

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Irene Pin studies Audiovisual Communication at the USC and at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, with an Erasmus scholarship that she is using to specialise in screenwriting and directing. During this stay he co-directed the documentary ‘Morrer Devagar’, an experiential film that approaches the reality of the refugee camps in Greece. In 2019 he received the first prize for project development at Carballo Interplay for Amnesia 3.0, the first interactive webseries in Galician, premiered at the next edition of the festival and recognised as the best pilot at the Emerging Spanish Film Festival. In 2020 he shot, with the help of Agadic talent, the short film ‘Somos Cárcere’. She is currently working on the script of her first feature film, ‘Terás que saltar’, also with a grant from Agadic. Beyond her audiovisual work, she is the author of the transmedia poetry book Το βλέμμα την Ειρήνη / A ollada de Ειρήνη.

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