Directed by Belén Puime and winner of the best web series project in the last edition of Carballo Interplay.



There are many situations in life that make us sigh and say ‘Lol, what a loser’, and Xoana, Catu and Antía are no exception in that.

In each episode, these three roommates open their personal diary that tells about situations that made them feel that way. The breakup with the first love, the feeling of not belonging to anything and the diagnosis of an STD are the key moments in which each character becomes the protagonist and tells in a sincere and casual way to the viewer.

All this, with Santiago de Compostela as the main scenario of the fiction, and the real scenario of the life of most Galician students.

Belén Puime.

Born in A Coruña in 1998. She works as a production assistant in the development of television series in the company Setemedia and collaborates with the production company Unicorn Content, from the Mediterranean group of Mediaset España, in the development of her Master’s final project.

On the other hand, her interest in art education led her to pursue a Master’s degree in teaching in the specialty of visual and plastic arts, in the 2020-21 academic year, from which she conducted a study on the application of TikTok in art education.