From the festival of Digital Contents Carballo Interplay, we call the ‘Certamen Dinosaurio Escolas‘, which aims to encourage and promote the creation of original audiovisual content in Galician language for its broadcast on the Internet through the creation of chapters of the DINOSAURIO series.

The contest will be aimed at the educational levels of Secondary, Baccalaureate, or Middle Grade Vocational Training and any student or group of students from public, semi-private or private schools will be able to participate.

Among all the works received, 10 finalist chapters will be selected to be screened at the 10th edition of the festival. Among the finalists, a professional jury will award three prizes: Best Dinosaur, Technical Dinosaur and Screenplay Dinosaur.

We will tell you more details about the contest and its rules that day.

Screening of the series ‘Cacola’, with David Fidalgo

Winner series of the award to the best serieweb project in the 7th edition of Carballo Interplay.

‘CACOLA presents the adventures and misadventures of a character that every animal or person carries inside, a poop‘.

Cacola is a 2D digital animation webseries project by David Fidalgo, director, screenwriter, animator, art director and editor of several short films and animation video clips. In 2020 he was a finalist in the Goya Awards with one of those shorts, Homomaquia. With a cartoon aesthetic with flat colors and unreal animations, the chapters of Cacola present self-conclusive stories of about 30 seconds with a tone of absurd comedy in which anything can happen.