THURSDAY APRIL 7th / 18.30


The finalists of this award for webseries projects in Galician, organized by the Concello of Carballo, will have to defend their proposals before a jury composed by Xose Regueira (Councillor of Tourism and Economic Promotion of the Council of Carballo), Nati Juncal Portas (Producer), María Yáñez (journalist and cultural activist) and Xúlio Abonjo (actor).

The finalist projects will have 10 minutes to defend their project and a prize of 3000 euros awaits them for the production of their webseries.

These are the four finalist projects. 


By Noelia González y Sara Ferro 

Martina always knew what she wanted to do with her life, at least until now. Sofía never knew what she wanted to do with her life, at least until now.

Throughout a weekend getaway, these two friends will bring out their differences until they understand the value of their friendship and, if possible, find their place in an increasingly uncertain future.


By Paula Pereira.

Autopsy of a brain when it sleeps. We open the most important organ of the human being and we find several stories. We talk about Manu, a boy who dreams of merging with the sea. We talk about Tania, a girl afraid of the dark. We talk about Antón, a man with frequent sleep paralysis and we talk about Lucía, a girl with social anxiety. A coral seen through her eyes.


By Lizartonne

Based on the webcomic of the same name, this is a series of short stories that happen to a doctor in his office every day. Some of these hilarious anecdotes are inspired by reality, others are invented, some have some social criticism and all of them have a humorous component that makes the project fun for all audiences.


By Carla Álvarez, Xiana Rei Martiz e Luiza Velizarova.

In a small village in the interior of Galicia, whose main source of income is tourism, the local cacique Antonio do Pazo plans to build a dome covering Galicia to increase the tourist attractiveness of the area. This project, still under development, is being reviewed by Antonio do Pazo’s committee of advisors when Manuel, an intern for the company, learns of the plan and decides to tell Ceive, a collective in Lugo, which passes the information to Xuventude en Rebeldía, a group of young Galicians who carry out protest actions against climate change and social inequalities.