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10h00 “Professionalization of the podcast“. With Jesús Blanquiño (Podium Podcast), Marta Salicrú (Radio Primavera Sound) and Tania Lombao (Radio Galega Podcast).

Podcast consumption has grown exponentially in Spain in recent times, making us one of the world’s leading references in the choice of content, attracting one out of every three Spaniards. We, at Carballo Interplay, cannot ignore this fact, and that is why we will bring together some of the main platforms that support this type of content in Spain. What does a product have to have to be marketable? How do you know if something is going to work or not? What are the keys to connect with the audience?

Jesús Blanquiño (Podium Podcast project manager)

Podium Podcast is a platform for podcasting creatives in Spanish. In June 2016, PRISA Radio launched the podcasting platform Podium Podcast; in these 5 years it has become a native podcasting network with original content of fiction, entertainment, divulgation and branded podcast in Spain, Colombia, Mexico, Argentina and Chile. Its catalogue includes successful podcasts such as Estirando el chicle, winner of the Ondas 2021 Award; fiction podcasts such as Guerra 3 and La Esfera; informative podcasts such as Canónicas, Solaris, Gabinete de curiosidades and long-running podcasts such as La Escóbula de la Brújula or Aquí hay dragones.

Marta Salicrú (director of Radio Primavera Sound)

Radio Primavera Sound is Primavera Sound’s radio station and collects all the musical sensibilities that fit in the festival. But it is also much more than that. Broadcasting audio and video since 2019, RPS is a producer of music, culture, humour and journalism podcasts, with an emphasis on feminist and LGTBIQ+ content, which seeks to open its microphones to new informed voices, and to diverse and dissident content, with rigour and a sense of humour.

Tania Lombao (Head of the Operational Programme Management Service of Radio Galega)

With, the Galician public radio seeks to adapt to the new models of audience consumption, offering specific audios at any time and social tools so that users can share and value them from their different profiles. Its main contents are categorised under the headings of Music, Society, Health, History and Culture and Equality.  The platform also hosts numerous daily native programmes, in line with the radio’s own scheduling patterns and with the aim of reaching niche audiences with different tastes.

11h00 Panel. ‘’New ways of telling stories. From sound fiction to diffusion’’. With Ana Garriga and Carmen Urbita (Las hijas de Felipe), Manuel Bartual (Biotopía), Carmen Pacheco (Santuario).

The podcast has opened up new horizons in online communication, it is a boiling ecosystem full of creative freedom and a new way of telling stories that is taking the world by storm. The rise of the podcast has been unstoppable since the beginning of this decade and it seems that this is only the beginning of a new way of storytelling. Several sound creation professionals will visit Carballo Interplay to tell us about their experience.

Ana Garriga y Carmen Urbita (Las hijas de Felipe)

Ana Garriga and Carmen Urbita met in Providence (Rhode Island) in 2016 when they began a master’s degree at Brown University. Together they are Philip’s daughters, the name under which in 2020 they began recording a podcast about Baroque treasures, always guided by the premise that “everything that is happening to you now, already happened to someone else in the 16th and 17th centuries”.

Manuel Bartual (Biotopía)
He directed a couple of short films and a film (Todos tus secretos, CANAL+ Award for Best Film at the Malaga Film Festival), debuted comics (O Xoves), wrote in El País and on Twitter. One of the stories he published on this platform became a worldwide trending topic, being read by hundreds of thousands of people. He also wrote the novel El otro Manuel (Planeta, 2018), created and directed together with Modesto García the reality show # ElGranSecuestro (RTVE, 2019) and the sound fiction series Biotopía (Podium Podcast, 2020) and Santuario (Audible, 2021), created and written together with Carmen Pacheco.

Carmen Pacheco (Santuario)
She works as a copywriter and creative consultant for brands and is an author of comics and novels. She has published four children’s books and Todo lo posible (Planeta, 2016) for adults. Together with her mother, Laura Pacheco, she is the author of three comic books published by ¡Caramba! of Astiberri. As an article writer, she maintains regular sections in the magazine Redes para la ciencia, S Moda e Verne of El País, Vogue and Vanity Fair. She currently writes opinion pieces in Flecha, a personal newsletter with more than eight thousand subscribers. Together with Manuel Bartual, she is the creator and scriptwriter of the sound fiction series Santuario (Audible, 2021).

12h00 Festivals dedicated to popular culture, digital and series. With: Memefest (Filles d’Iternet), Tracking Bilbao (Borja Crespo), Serializados (Betu Martínez and Víctor Sala). In colaboration with Proxecta.

These days, the digital sphere occupies a large part of our lives, and in it we pour a large part of our opinions, thoughts, concerns into it; seeking entertainment and discovering new trends. In Carballo Interplay we will promote a meeting between members of state festivals that revolve around these and more vertebral axes in their programming.

Organised by the Filles d’Internet collective (Edgar Riu, Maria Farràs, Clara Duch and Lucia Calvo), Memefest (CCCB) is a relaxed and cathartic cultural event for thinking and laughing about the creation of humour on the internet. In its last edition they made a collective tasting of pandemic memes, talked about toxic relationships on the internet, interviewed a great digital diva and ended up dancing, like the proper tiktokers they are.

Tracking Bilbao
It consists of different activities (round tables, projections, talks, master classes, presentations, actions, stagings, concerts…) with specialised professionals, established examples and new talents, theoreticians and creators, who represent the multiple possibilities of the crossing between media and the use of the network as a source of inspiration and distribution agent.

Serielizados Fest – International Series Festival of Barcelona is an annual event organised by SERIELIZADOS magazine. It has already consolidated its position in the Catalan and Spanish cultural scene by fulfilling its initial objective: to bring the best showrunners in the world to the Barcelona public so that they can explain first hand their vision of the world and of fiction.

13h00 CREA feat Podgalego

The presence of sound narratives both in the field of documentary and fiction is a growing reality. CREA and Podgalego meet this year in our Pro Zone to talk about the importance of sound work in the arts. They seek to reflect on the importance of sound versus image in a talk with different word and music professionals.

We will be joined by Lucía Estévez, as representative of CREA; and Isaac González, as representative of Podgalego. We will be accompanied by:


Actor trained in the historical group Sardiña from A Coruña and in the Espaxo Aberto school in Compostela. Founder of the companies Inlata Teatro and Teatro Baratto. He has worked in numerous fiction series for television (‘Cuarto sen ascensor’, ‘El secreto de Puente Viejo’, ‘Operación Marea Negra’…), cinema (’18 comidas’, ‘Mar Libre’…), theater (‘Cineclú’, ‘O segredo dos Hoffmann’, ‘O conto de inverno’…), short films (‘Cineclú’, ‘O segredo dos Hoffmann’, ‘O conto de inverno’…), and short films (‘O conto de inverno’…). .), short films (‘Buenos días’, ‘A liña política’, ‘Eco’…) and documentary series, for which he received the Mestre Mateo Award from the Academia Galega de Audiovisual to the best communicator in 2007 (‘Historias de Galicia’) and 2009 (‘A miña famosa familia’). As a voice actor he has done dubbing and voice-over work for films, audiobooks, audio guides and sound fiction.


25 years old. Enthusiast of pop culture, Taylor Swift and unsolved mysteries, which she talks about in Luzes and in her social networks. 


Graphic designer and illustrator, after his time at Acordar-Vieiros, he has been working as a freelancer since 2012. He is one of the founders and promoters of Podgalego. In 2004, he produces the streaming program, Fabuloseando!!!, for the free online radio xEGO99 (Mexico) in 2006 the program muda en podcast (PodFabs!) and also produces, also, areias sonoras, one of the first podcasts in Galician language. Between 2007 and 2025 he produces C’mmons baby!, a program about free music and CC licenses that leads him to be a collaborator in Radioceánica (Radio Galega Música). In 2020 he takes up again the sound radio and since 2021 he produces Oíches?, the official podcast of Podgalego.


Law graduate. Member of the Galician blogging community in the 2000s, founder of Luzes Magazine and member of its editorial board, he is also a member of the board of trustees of the Luzes Foundation. He recorded his first podcast in 2008 and since then he has participated in several projects within Podgalego. He is currently a member of the team of AsWomansplainers, A actualidade está sobrevalorada and Malva e Duarte falan de misterios.

17h00 Pro Meeting

Free registration is open until 28th March. If you have a project and you want to register at the “Encontro Pro” to have a meeting with the invited professionals, you only have to fill in this form:

From Interplay we want to encourage the connection between creators and professionals of podcasting by opening spaces for dialoguing where we can get to know each other in a relaxed way and build future alliances or see new projects being born. This meeting will be attended by the guests of the festival and also by creators who have a project and are looking for feedback or production.