Sábado 1 de abril, 11h30

Pazo da Cultura


At Carballo Interplay, we believe that great things can be created on the Internet: from media that go beyond the mainstream to provide new points of view, to centers for the production of knowledge that are completely free and open to everyone.

Although we conceive, and strive for a network to share, care, laugh, support and learn; sometimes, as a reflection of the society in which we live, the Internet can also be a very hostile place for minorities or host a lot of hate speech, fascists or sexists. ‘Amiga, yo te cuento’ is a safe space to talk about how to avoid and strike those hostilities down, and continue to exist and to have an opinion, until those barriers no longer exist. A place where we can reflect on the cultural phenomena we like without prejudice, from the present or from the past nostalgia.

Porque as nosas ponenBecause our ‘Amiga, yo te cuento’ speakers are able to talk for just five seconds and leave you thinking for hours. You will find few to none cooler people on the net, PROMISE.


Alejandra, 27, is a digital artist who was born in Bilbao, currently living in Madrid. She works on the uncomfortable games that interfere in the intrapersonal and relational reading. She uses synthesis as a communicative tool, giving space to the poetic wink of internal emotional conflicts. Communicating from the uncomfortable, she turns curiosity into an introspective weapon to create portals towards reflection. To do this, he works through artificial intelligence generating videos and installations where l nostalgia and thought immerse you in particular sensations.


Cultural analyst and communicator, particularly interested in anything that has to do with digital culture, audiovisual and feminism. I take part in the radio sphere in ‘Els Experts’ of iCat.fm and in the podcast ‘Sabor a WIFI’. On YouTube I do video essays analyzing cultural phenomena as diverse as Shrek, reggaeton or the cryptobros.


Project UNA is a millennial collective whose mission is to unmask new forms of fascism hidden under apparently inoffensive symbology, as well as to recognize and give value to feminist alliances forged in the heat of pixels. From the popular and the communitarian, they investigate about the cultural wars of power in the media, the Internet and the analogical reality. They are ready to laugh out loud from the barricade wool, because you read vain wool coming into it.