Saturday, april 1. 19h00

Pazo da Cultura


With David Sainz and Teresa Segura

The Audiovisual Sourcecode is a hybrid format between lecture and screening, in which a curator is invited to select and comment on fragments of embeddable audiovisual works that will mark his culture and his way of understanding the world. Because memories are fragments of a living archive that we are constantly producing and reinterpreting. In this edition they will share their hard drive with us… David Sainz and Teresa Segura!

Both will make an audiovisual tour of the movies, series and videos that marked their childhood and adolescence and up to the point where they met, 14 years ago, to add up what a head thinks in Paint and other one in Excel.


He is a director, screenwriter and actor for his production company, Diffferent Entertainment SL, created in 2009 thanks to the success of Malviviendo (2008-2014), the most watched Spanish-speaking webseries in the world, with more than 170 million reproductions. He wrote and directed all Diffferent projects where TV series such as Flaman (2012-13, RTVA), commercials for Saimaza or Barceló, branded content for Mapfre or HBO Spain (Síndrome Valyrio, 2017), series for digital platforms such as Entertainment (2015-2016, Flooxer, Atresmedia), Buster (2017, Flooxer, Atresmedia), Mambo (2017-2018, Playz, RTVE) or Grasa (2020-2021, Playz, RTVE) and the feature films ‘Obra 67’ (2013, Musgo Award for Best Film, Audience Award for Best Film at Islantilla Cinefórum or Best Direction at Opera Prima Tudela Festival) and ‘Fogueo’ (2017, Jury and Audience Award Casares Festival). He directed, wrote and presented the podcast ‘Jirafas’ (2019, Playz) and the late night ‘Aparcamiento Karaoke’ (2020) co-produced with El Terrat for Playz (RTVE). He has just started the festival tour of his first feature documentary ‘Eterna’, about the life of Gata Cattana, being the world premiere at SEFF in November 2022. She is a member of the Spanish Film Academy. 


In 2009 she started working in Diffferent Entertainment SL, where she holds the position of Executive Producer and Production Director of all the projects written and directed by David Sainz. She combines all this with social networks campaigns, teaching and event organization. She was the artistic director of the first webseries festival of Andalusia, WebSurFestival, organized by the Department of Culture of the Junta de Andalucía in 2015, and is currently the director of the Festival ‘DH Rueda’, organized by the Delegation of Youth, Health and Consumption of the Council of Dos Hermanas, which has just completed its VII Edition: She is a member of APPA, AAMMA, also a member of the Board of Directors of ANCINE, and member of the Academy of Andalusian Cinema.