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#Vanlife (Emotional)

Australia, 2023

Zach and Kiki are a highly unsuccessful online #VanLife couple who broadcast their seemingly idyllic lives and daily routines on YouTube and Instagram. But where their online personas and relationship seem blissful, cooperative, and loved-up, the harsh reality is: this is a couple who are struggling. Both with capturing an audience and remaining a couple.


Kazajstán, 2023

Rakhia, a young woman with a secret, agrees to become a surrogate mother for a wealthy married couple. The three of them move to a secluded mansion to hide the surrogacy from the public eye, but soon Rakhia begins to feel the presence of a sinister and supernatural force in the house.


Galicia, 2023

Andrea has been unemployed for a year when she decides to start working at Rent-a-pal, a rental agency for friends. Can she handle this unique business?


Czech Republic, 2024

A follow up to the International Emmy winning series #martyisdead. Anna is a controversial influencer and is best known for her provocative online content, but suddenly she goes silent and mysteriously stops posting any updates.