Viernes 5 de abril

Mercado de Carballo


Les Chroniques de Gliwensbourg

France, 2023

Winter 1915, Northern France, a French trench is shelled and all the soldiers are buried, leaving only one survivor. Underground, he manages to crawl out into a hole leading to a tunnel. There begins a journey that takes our soldier to the mysterious village of Gliwensburg in 1925…


República Checa, 2023

Jirka, a warehouseman, finds a huge shipment of drugs in a failing supermarket. Instead of reporting it to the police, he decides to sell the drugs with his colleagues.

En vida de extinción. Don Pancho

Colombia, 2024

Mr. Pacho is 74 years old, he knows the filigree of the region, he is cheerful and mystical, he is a member of the forest. He was the owner of a 5-hectare farm, with a house and wells, located in Barichara, Colombia. He mortgaged his property to be able to finance his crops, which were frequently lost due to the strong droughts. He buys market and returns to his house, a humble and cracked shelter in the middle of the forest, alone he observes the sunset while he imitates the song of the birds that announce the night.


España, 2024

POSCOITO is an anthology where different situations and conflicts that may exist after having sexual relations are portrayed in a comedic way.

Restaurant in the town / 우리마을식당

Corea, 2023

Here a story about the people who live in Yeong-deok and one restaurant where cook delicious things with wonderful ingredients from the village. The people go to the restaurant and eat together.