Viernes 5 de abril

Mercado de Carballo


Un mundo sin

Argentina, 2024

A world without is a mini web series in which we imagine what the world would be like if some of the most basic things we live with did not exist: from stairs to money, gravity, pain or decisions.

Pulp Air

Galicia, 2024

At gate number 24 of the small Carballo airport is Pulp Airlines, the most eccentric and Galician airline in the entire firmament.

The struggle for existence

Dinamarca, 2023

How do you cope with the struggles of modern day manhood? Who do you go to when you are in doubt? How do you know if you should choke your girlfriend?

Historia mal

España, 2024

Historical moments “extracted from memory”. A bit of animated “Historical improvisation”, more “improvisation” than “historical”. All this happened as it says on Wikipedia; perhaps with less humor, but not much less either.


República Checa, 2023

Filmmaker Richard does anything (im)possible to make his blockbuster movie.

Content Farm

Canada, 2023

Two rogue bots teach themselves to be human on the internet. Nothing is original, and clicks are king. Speculative fiction meets cringe comedy, unfolding in the doom scroll.