Jueves 4 de abril

Mercado de Carballo


Lady Ada’s Secret Society

Canada, 2022

Four girls rebel against their hyper-traditional boarding school by
pranking it using technology they invented, hacked or “borrowed” while staying only one step ahead of their horrible Headmistress.


España, 2024

Martina always knew what she wanted to do with her life, at least until now. Sofia never knew what she wanted to do with her life, at least until now.

Cuarenta. Memorias en Democracia

Argentina, 2024

Explore the 360° environments to find a web of stories with a Rosario identity. Discover the memories of various protagonists of collective struggles and dreams born in democracy. 40 years after the recovery of democracy in Argentina, we present an interactive, open, plural and collaborative documentary proposal to defend the rights we have won and to question ourselves about our common horizon. An initiative of the Human Rights Area and the Department of Multimedia Communication of the National University of Rosario.

Hogtown / Ainsi va Manu

Canada, 2021

Forced to leave her hometown temporarily, Manuela finds it difficult to adapt to her new surroundings. She has only one thing on her mind: moving back to Toronto. However, an unexpected encounter turns Manuela’s life upside down, calling into question everything she’s known or wanted up to now.

Monster Diner / 怪兽小馆

China, 2023

Monsters are hiding in the human world, but most of them follow the code of conduct of the monster world, which is not to pick on the humans. However, as with humans, monsters also live on food. Therefore, there’re many monster diners that are open at night only for monsters in inconspicuous corners. Among which, one is very special and the boss is a human called “Taozi”. She comes from a family of chefs, but only monsters like the food she makes.