Wednesday, march 29. 12h00

Pazo da Cultura


Talk show with Belén Puime and Uxía Vázquez. Millenials or Gen Z, as girls born at the end of the ’90s that do not really know where to place themselves. What they do know for sure is that they are YOUNG girls… but until when?

They will talk with different personalities of the Galician scene about the adult future that little by little is closer to them. How is this generation going to face being functional adults? What changes do they consider that should exist in the work environment? Are they a crystal generation?

A chat which could well take place in a bar or in the bathroom of a cheap disco, but which now comes to Carballo Interplay to stir some debate and conversation among all those new people who panic about the passing of time and the end of the formative stage.


Born in A Coruña in 1998. She graduated and received the Excellence Award in Audiovisual Communication from the University of Santiago de Compostela. She studied the master’s degree in teaching, in which she carried out her project on the involvement of Tik tok within secondary education. Work-wise, from 2019 to 2021 she was the production manager of the feature film ‘Un sol radiant’ (winner at Festival D’A 2022), worked as a production assistant in the development of fiction products in the Galician company Setemedia, and currently works as a creative in the production company Unicorn Content.


Born in A Coruña in 1996. She graduated from the USC in Political Science and Administration and Social Work. In recent years she worked as an assistant coordinator of the home help service, and has experience and training in the fields of gender, migration and sexual diversity. Parallel to her training, Uxía made the leap to the audiovisual world by creating the podcast ‘Falar sen saber’.