Friday, march 31st, 18h30

Pazo da Cultura


A cultural podcast in which we discover the fears, concerns and secrets of the people you follow. Or Julia Hetera and Isabel Genia trying to snatch the TV3 afternoon magazine show from Melero and inviting colleagues to speak unabashedly. Presented by Alba Riera and Conxxa Vitoy, with Burnin’ Percebes and Estela Ortiz as special guests.

You’re IN!


Communicator and cultural journalist. She is currently part of the team of El Colapso, of TV3, collaborates in Él Suplemento de Catalunya Ràdio (in a section she shares with Andreu Juanola), presents the podcast ‘Dentro’, of Radio Primavera Sound with Iñaki Mur, takes part in ‘Tardeo’ (of Andrea Filos) with a section called ‘FOMO’, also of Radio Primavera Sound, and has collaborated in Playground, as a host and as a reporter. Besides that, she moderates cultural talks.


Conxxa Vitoy is a drag performer and collaborator of programs such as ‘DENTRO’, of Radio Primavera Sound, or ‘FUTUROA SARAO DRAG’’.