Friday 31st, 17h00

Pazo da Cultura

This workshop will consist of a theoretical part, where we will reflect on the communicative possibilities and the ability of memes to generate their own language. We will review the uses that have been made when generating communities and transmitting messages in a propagandistic, encrypted and humorous way.

Then there will be a practical part in which attendees will need a digital device (smartphones are fine) and that some have a Telegram account.

Ready to create the first meme bank of the Carballo Interplay?


DURATION: 17h – 19h30


PRICE: 20 €.


Project UNA is a millennial collective whose mission is to unmask new forms of fascism hidden under apparently inoffensive symbology, as well as to recognize and give value to feminist alliances forged in the heat of pixels. From the popular and the communitarian, they investigate about the cultural wars of power in the media, the Internet and the analogical reality. They are ready to laugh out loud from the barricade wool, because you read vain wool coming into it.