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(CIFP Imaxe e Son)

Two weeks locked in a house without internet connection. This is the challenge set to two boys addicted to the cyberspace.

DIRECTION: Óscar Lombán Cao

DIRECTION ASSISTANT: María José Piñeiro Balea and Óscar Gazapo Rodríguez GUIÓN: Óscar Lombán Cao

PRODUCTION: Óscar Lombán Cao, María José Piñeiro Balea e Óscar Gazapo Rodríguez LENGTH: 5 minutos


YEAR: 2022-2023

LANGUAGE: Galician

CHAMERAS: Óscar Gazapo Rodrígez

ASSISTANT: María José Piñeiro Balea

CINEMATOGRAPHY: Óscar Gazapo Rodríguez

SOUND: Óscar Gazapo Rodríguez

ART DIRECTION: María José Piñeiro Balea

SCRIPT: María José Piñeiro Balea


MOVIE SET: Jose Antonio López Albeano

MUSIC: Audio library – YouTube: No Filter//Neffex

Óscar Lombán Cao as Óscar, an online shopping addict.

Candela Montero Boado as Candela, a social network addict.

Jacobo Bouza López as the interviewer (Voiceover).

Óscar Gazapo Rodríguez (Voiceover).

María José Piñeiro Balea (Voiceover)


(IES Val do Asma)

During a class in a secondary school, the world-wide Internet blackout occurs. The teachers will have to adapt to the extraordinary circumstances, and see if they can solve the exercises without consulting video tutorials or searching for the answers on the net.

Direction: Iván Capón Caloto and María Vázquez Quintela.

Script: María Vázquez Quintela and Iván Capón Caloto.

Production: Nerea Otero López, Aitana Gómez Linares, Nerea Varela Loureiro.

Photography: Laura Sanmartín Penaherbosa, Ana Sofía Delgado Fernández, Roy Gonçalves dos Reis Blanco.

Lightning: Manuel Camiñas Diéguez, David Varela López.

Sound: Sergio Sáez Linos, Oliver David Soto Fernández.

Make-up: Breixo Moure Novoa.

Script: Natalia Novoa Fernández, Sabela Álvarez Rodríguez, Andrés Mayorga Bautista.

Xurxo: Iván Capón Caloto

Director: Pilar García Soengas

Teachers: Ana Jorge Diéguez, Dolores López Rodríguez, Félix Rodríguez Castro, Guillermo Rodríguez Vega, Beatriz Díaz Fernández.

Students: Ismail Bensoulah, Nicolás Vázquez Rehakova, Bryan Herranz Domínguez, Martín Albelo Prado, Enrique Besteiro Fernández, Alin-Robert Giurca.


(CIFP Imaxe e Son A Coruña)

A group of four friends suffer the worldwide internet crash, seeing what people are capable of doing in extraordinary situations like that. They will have to overcome the problems, as well as other complications, all together, deciding what to do and how to act from then on.

Title: Unha caída sen precendentes

Format: Webserie – MP4

Length: 05 minutes

Country: Spain

Language: Galician

Year: 2022

Directors / Producers: Pablo Rodríguez Freire and Andheruzka Rangel Mora

Genre: Action-Drama

Rubén interpreted by: Ramón Castelo Otero

Álex interpreted by Ramón Martín Amigo

Attacker 1 and killer interpreted by: Joaquín Pérez Pestaña

Attacker 2 interpreted by: Álvaro Pam Lapido

Iria interpreted by: Mencía Barca Amado

Lara interpreted by: Andrea Piñeiro Gil

Reporter interpreted by: Lorena González Botana

Movie set: Pablo Rodríguez Freire, Andheruzka Rangel Mora and Pablo Juncal Moreira


(Escuela de Imagen y Sonido de Someso, A Coruña)

The Internet has been down for 2 months. A desperate boy decides to commit suicide.

Title: Offline

Direction: Facundo Pardo

Guión: Daniel Ribo, Lucía Moreno, Luisa Romanos, Facundo Pardo

Production: Daniel Ribo, Lucía Moreno, Luisa Romanos, Facundo Pardo

Length: 4 min

Year: 2023

Edition: Facundo Pardo Música: Facundo Pardo

Sound: Sofía Tomé DOP: Daniel Ribo, Facundo Pardo

Marcos Fontao: young man. Jorel Ramajo: Voiceover


(IES A Cachada)

It was a morning like any other, and we thought that our way of relating to each other would always be to have a cell phone in our hands, but suddenly… Everything changed.

Tathiana remembers it and makes us wonder: what if it was that change that saved us?

Direction: Andrea Freire and Miriam Otero

Chameras: Tathiana Silva and Andre Freire

Production: Laura Iglesias, Paula Oubiña, Emma Vilarnovo

Movie set: Alba Rodríguez, Marta Outeiral, Rogelio Ferrol, Álex de la Torre, Javi Saavedra, Lorena Saborido

Actors: CdA students (Andrea Freire, Miriam Otero, Tathiana Silva, Laura Iglesias, Paula Oubiña, Emma Vilarnovo, Alba Rodríguez, Marta Outeiral, Rogelio Ferrol, Álex de la Torre, Javi Saavedra, Lorena Saborido), Green Brigade Team, Iria Brandariz, Ana Moreiras.


(IES Maximino Romero de Lema, Baio/Zas)

Although the negative side of social networks is pretty evident at this point (obsession with physical appearance, escaping from reality, virtual harassment, addiction…) in our work we wanted to talk about the positive side of these tools in rural Galicia, which is suffering a ‘massive human deforestation’, in the words of Manuel Rivas, aggravated in certain age groups such as adolescence. Many of our students live in villages where there are no longer people of their age and they are miles away. In these cases, the only contact between them, at weekends or during holiday time, is through their social networks. This reality is not always known in urban environments, and we decided to make it known.

Direction: coordinated direction, by 4oESO EPVA students

Script: Elaborado en conxunto polo alumnado de 4oESO

Production: 4oESO students

Length: 2:38 minutes

Year: 2023

Edition: a group of students

Sound: a group of students

Chamera: a group of students

Oumaima Essaidi Rahhou (lead actress, 15 years old) and Claudia Lema Rial (voiceover, 15 years old)