Sunday April 7th

Mercado de Carballo


Humor with Lucía Vega and Marita Martínez for the awards ceremony for this edition of the festival.

The comedy and improvisation duo Izquierdo Sisters (Marita Martínez and Lucía Veiga) was born in 2012 as a project of two actresses who love to work together. After winning 1st prize in the I Impro Galician Championship 2013, they decided to continue working as a duo, within the act “Los Duguis Impro” (with shows such as Spin Off, Improcadabra, Versión Beta, Impro Top Manta, Cadena Impropetua , Free Configuration) and as an independent act (with Literature and Improvisation shows, children’s Impro and thematic Impro for adults, such as Historia del Terror Gallego, ParaSimpáticas, Movidas Bizarras…).