Daniel Valcárcel Colino 

Daniel Valcárcel, a native of Culleredo, has been part of the Galician independent music scene since 2020. Under the pseudonym Aeronave Adolescente he has published several singles and EPs, always produced in his bedroom with the resources he had at his disposal. Last year he released his debut album, “Sempre Esta Chovendo Na Beira Do Mar”, with an excellent reception from the public and a short tour that took him to various venues and festivals in Spain, from Madrid, Oviedo, Zaragoza to SeaSon Fest 2023. In addition, in 2023 he also premiered his debut short film “Palomas de Agua” as part of the official non-fiction selection at the second edition of the FACOMFEST Festival.


MONDRA is an artist, singer and dancer. He grew up linked to traditional Galician music and dance, as well as theater and audiovisuals. Since 2021 he has been part, as a vocalist and dancer, of the Fran Sieira dance company. In addition, he has just presented “ARDĒN” (Altafonte Music Spain, September 2023), his first album; a musical, visual and performative experience, in dialogue with traditional Galician music. Graduated in Audiovisual Communication, he has just received the New Artist Award from Coralia Magazine and is nominated for the Mestre Mateo Awards with the video clip of his work “RUANDO”.

Iria Ramos Mesía 

Journalist and communicator from Valdoviño. She tells stories at the Faiado Podcast and talks about what comes up on Cadena SER. She likes art, politics and partying in general. All three things, in their broadest definitions… and all three, much and in an equal ammount. Ellen Ripley, Cameron Tucker and Fleabag as references. She guarantees that she does not shut up even under water and defines herself as “nice and friendly; intense and dramatic.” Hooligan from “Black Mirror”, “The Simpsons” and “Padre Casares”. As for the movies, from “Fargo”, “Interstellar” and “Close”.

Afra Torrado

Afra Torrado (Bamio, 1997) graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Vigo and graduated in Graphic Arts. She draws and writes poetry. She has published her works in fanzines, anthologies such as “No seu despregar” (Apiario, 2016) or “Entre leiras e labores” (Urutau, 2022), and magazines such as “Dorna”. She coordinates, together with Pablo Rodríguez, the non-editorial company Leite Editions because what she likes most are fanzines. In 2023 she published her first comic, “Hago lo que puedo”, edited by Rodolfo and Priscilla.