Ainhoa Marzol

Cinema lover, curious about the Internet and passionate about pop culture. She has a degree in International Business and a master’s degree in Cultural Management from the University of Barcelona. She has written and collaborated in different media such as Codigo Nuevo or Radio Primavera Sound about cinema and series, and in EITB, Rockdelux, or the CCCB Lab about internet culture, memes and technology. She currently works in press and cultural communication, and on weekends she writes about trends in the newsletter Gárgola Digital.

Joel Bassaget 

Screenwriter of animated series for television since 1989, he has written more than 250 episodes to date. He also directed a few commercials, was an assistant director and set up and managed the animation studio Marathon Berlin. In 2014, he began publishing articles and analyzes on short serial formats. He has published two books on the subject of web series and is now an associate researcher at the University of Wollongong (Australia). He regularly gives lectures and courses on new writing and short formats.

Fran Rodríguez Casal

Multidisciplinary artist who moves on the borders of artistic genres. With interest in the interaction between body and environment in hir works, he uses everything from his own material to archival material using film, photography and sound as supports. His work has been shown at festivals such as Encontros da Imaxe or Ffoco. In 2020 he participated in an artistic residency at the Aran Islands, in Ireland, for a photo project. He has recently participated in the exhibition Paisaxe_0 by Colectivo Poligonal at Galería Metro, in the XIII Award for young artists of the Auditoro de Galicia and in the Ffoco festival in A Coruña.