Friday 31st, 20h00

Pazo da Cultura


Activity for nostalgic people with guaranteed laughter. For the first time, Nacho Martín Project takes place live from the Carballo Interplay. Focused, as always, on the tv series ‘Médico de familia’, Noel Ceballos and El Hematocrítico (Los hermanos podcast) will make together with Nus Cuevas a journey through the history of Doctor Martín’s family and will explain concepts such as ‘La guitarra del SIDA’ (The AIDS guitar) or ‘El tratamiento Chechu’ (The Chechu treatment).

Everything will end with an incredible revelation: the family doctor videogame!


Writer and humorist. Author of a large production of Children’s Literature (such as ‘Feliz Feroz’ with Alberto Vázquez, ‘Leyendas del Recreo’ with Albert Monteys or ‘Doña Problemas’ with Paco Roca). He also writes humor books for adults, such as ‘El Hematocrítico de Arte’, ‘Drama en el Portal’, or ‘Dónde está L-Mérito’. He founded Los Hermanos Podcast in 2012 with his soul brother, Noel Ceballos. This veteran project has recently been joined by Nus Cuevas, and together they publish, every week, a surprising and funny podcast with no rules. They are in a considerable mess, because they have set out to comment on EVERY episode of Médico de Familia in their protégé ‘The Nacho Martín Project’ and they are succeeding so far.


Journalist, writer and fan of Médico de Familia. He currently works as a culture editor for GQ magazine and is preparing a book on situationism, to be published at the end of 2023. His favorite character from Médico de Familia is Matías.


Hard to define in a single category. She is a BSO composer, 3D video/motion artist, marketing content specialist, and totally gamer. From her audiovisual pieces we can highlight her humor videos with autotune, having beena hit the one of Chiquito de la Calzada; as a composer her project of soundtracks for novels or for the short films of the comedian Álvaro Carmona among others; and as a gamer, currently doing daily live shows on Twitch playing all kinds of video games. But above all, she is the sister of her podcast brothers, with whom she has been working hand in hand for several years now.