Burnin’ Percebes is the pseudonym behind Juan González and Fernando Martínez, filmmakers who became known with the webseries ‘Ventura Time’ (2013), ‘Searching for Meritxell’ (2014) and ‘Ikea 2’ (2016) which were a great success in national and international festivals . In 2020, they shocked everyone with ‘La Reina de los Lagartos’, a film starring Bruna Cusí and Javier Botet which was nominated for the Special Award and Best Poster at the Feroz Awards. The film won the VII Rizoma de Cine Award and participated in the Revoluciones Permanentes section at the Seville Film Festival, Un Impulso Colectivo at D’A Film Festival and in the Jóvenes Cineastas section at Cinespaña, among other festivals. The film was released in commercial theaters in November of that year and the press defined the directors as ‘the most creative promise of Spanish cinema’ (Cinemanía) and that this was ‘their leap to the division of honor’ (Gregorio Belinchón – El País). In 2023 they will premiere ‘Golem’, produced by Aquí y Allí Films and Elamedia Estudios, which will participate in the Official Selection of the Malaga Festival, while they work on their next projects: the animation series ‘Meretricius’ and the fiction feature film ‘Royal Films’.


Alejandro Rodríguez (Galicia, 1995). Graduated in Audiovisual Communication from the University of Vigo and a Master’s Degree in Film and Series Direction from the TAI School of Arts in Madrid. He combines his projects as a director with other jobs in the filmmaking department, as well as with his work as a member of the board of CREA, Galician Association of professionals in directing and filmmaking. He directed his first short film in 2016, titled ‘Fume’. In 2022 he premiered the fiction short film ‘Nido’, as well as ‘O que queda’, a documentary short film that is part of the New Spanish Shorts catalog promoted by the ICAA, in the 2Cool4School section, and has participated in film markets such as the Marché du Film of the Cannes Film Festival or the Short Film Market of the Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival.


Alejandra, 27, is a digital artist who was born in Bilbao, currently living in Madrid. She works on the uncomfortable games that interfere in the intrapersonal and relational reading. She uses synthesis as a communicative tool, giving space to the poetic wink of internal emotional conflicts. Communicating from the uncomfortable, she turns curiosity into an introspective weapon to create portals towards reflection. To do this, he works through artificial intelligence generating videos and installations where l nostalgia and thought immerse you in particular sensations.