Thursday, march 30. 12h00

Pazo da Cultura


Café Derby 21 is a podcast born from kitchen conversations in a student apartment. Adrián Lede, Nicolás Carreira and Carme D. Prol get together every week with a guest related to Galician culture to make an open discussion about the guest’s career, current events and whatever comes up. This time they are opening the doors of their living room to meet some of the creators of the moment in the digital narrative news of the country.

We will be joined by Sara Seco, Carla and Marcos from Todo Mal, Meryfos and Totakeki.


Carme D. Prol. Something like a journalist and the high-pitched voice of Café Derby 21. I write, on Twitter and wherever I can, about culture and other affairs.

Adrián Lede. I am like Ume Matsuzaka: I’m older than I would like to be, and I never impressed anyone. Apart from that I’m a journalist, I created Café Derby 21 and I write for Quincemil.

Nico Carreira. Journalist by the grace of a degree and now a microniche star on the Internet, which is a small thing but fills a gap in my Tinder biography. Fond of the joy of doing nothing. I worked at El Progreso and write for Tabla Redonda, among some other minijobs.



I graduated in Journalism from the USC with a master’s degree in Teaching from UVigo.

 I did an internship at TVG news and worked at Diario de Arousa, Faro de Vigo and Diario de Pontevedra. Now I work as a freelancer, combining it with the creation of my own content for my account @meryfos, @virtudestvg and some other media. I also worked as a cleaning lady and as a pastry assistant.


I’m Sara Seco, I was born in Valga and I live in Santiago. Although I studied Political Science and I work at the ‘Mesa por la Normalización Lingüística’, you probably know me as ‘the one with the TikTok blogs’…

Todo Mal is a humor and current affairs program in Galician, by Marcos López and Carla Núñez that you can watch on your favorite social networks. The program is broadcasted on a weekly basis on Youtube, Ivoox and Spotify. You can also watch shorter pieces on Instagram or TikTok. The program deals with everything, from current affairs and news, to the most universal or personal topics, giving a different point of view and always bringing us to Galicia.


My name is Mercedes Silva, and I’m 22. I am from Noia, a village in the province of Coruña. I have been creating content for less than a year. There, I talk about a many things, from Galician traditions, to what a day for me, working in the sea, is like.