Thursday 30, 20h00



We are in the year 2022 after Christ, all the minds of Castrolobos are infected by the ideas of tyrannical Antonio del Pazo. Everyone of them? No! There is still a group of irreducible and brave girls and boys who resist, now and forever, the invader. 

‘Mentres non chova’ is a satirical webseries, a thriller that plays with the characteristics and archetypes of the genre. This webseries is set in Castrolobos, a small village in the interior of Galicia where tourism is the main source of income. The village is ruled by Antonio del Pazo, the local tyrant and tourism tycoon, who plans to build a dome over the village to increase the tourist attraction of the area in the eyes of the locals. This project reaches the ears of Ceive, a collective from Lugo that informs Juventud y Rebeldía, a group of young Galicians who carry out protest actions against climate change and social inequalities. This group, led by Sabela, in collaboration with Ceive, will try to prevent the chieftain’s evil plans. 

The story is told from the point of view of the spy, a member of the CNI (the National Intelligence Centre) hired by Del Pazo, who suspects that Sabela and the rest of the group may try to thwart his plans.

Artistic credits: Carla Mojón, Pablo Fernández, Adrián Valdés, Andrea Sanmartin, Eduardo Sevillano, Andrea Peinado, Estrella Iglesias.

Technical specifications: 

Director: Luiza Velizarova

Screenplay: Carla Mojón and Xiana Rei

Cinematography: Antón Carral

Assistant director: Carolina Cunqueiro

Camera operator: Antón Carral and Nuria Lamanna

Editing: Falling Zeke

VFX: Falling Zeke 

Executive Producer: Luiza Velizarova

Production Direction: Pablo Fernández

Music: Kaloyan Donev

Sound: Arón Arias 

Art director: Nerea Alcalá