Friday April 5th

Mercado de Carballo


10h00 Accreditation check-in

10h30 Panel. OTTs on regional television. Adaptation and fusion for the present. CRTVG and EITB case.

With so many changes, television stations cannot be left behind and need to be in constant transformation. In this PRO Zone we want to analyze the main news from several public channels belonging to territories with their own language: CRTVG and EITB.

At the beginning of 2024, CRTVG presented AGalega, its OTT (that is, over the top). This implies the possibility of accessing numerous Galician and Galician language content through the Internet, to bring them closer to new generations and make them, in general, more accessible to all audiences, without depending on schedules or televisions.

For its part, EITB also launched PRIMERAN in the last half of last year, a multi-platform OTT that can be accessed from several devices and which aims to bring together Basque and Basque language content. Movies, series, documentaries, programs, children’s formats and all kinds of future developments will have a place in this initiative. Their philosophy? Guarantee content in Basque language, disseminate it and make it accessible to everyone.

There will be representatives from both media to analyze what these changes consist of, what they can contribute to citizens and what the next lines of work are.

AGalega (CRTVG). María Sabucedo. María Sabucedo Santos is director of the new platforms and at CRTVG. She trained in Audiovisual Communication (USC, Santiago, 2016), Audiovisual Project Management (ESCAC, Barcelona, 2011), Production Management (ESCAC, Barcelona, 2009) and Audiovisual Production (EIS, A Coruña, 2002). She has worked in audiovisuals since she was 19 years old and has been part of multiple teams in the public and private sectors. She has lived in Santiago, A Coruña, Barcelona, Buenos Aires and London. In the last four years she has been part of the management of the Galician Film Forum in London, an organization aimed at promoting Galician cinema abroad. In the British capital she has also worked for Discovery and for DAZN, where she was the Content Planner that launched the sports platform in Spain in 2019. Her last position at the sports multinational was as Team Leader of the central content team. She has returned to Galicia last summer to join the CRTVG.

Instagram: @maria_sabucedo | Twitter: Ø | Tiktok: Ø | Youtube: Ø
Instagram: @Tvgalicia | Twitter: @TVGalicia | Tiktok: @tvgalicia | Youtube: @TVG

Primeran (EITB). Unai Iparragirre. Unai Iparragirre Torres (Arrasate, 1973) is the director of EITB. He began his career at Arrasate Telebista, and in the late 90s and early 2000s he worked as an editor, scriptwriter, presenter and program director at Euskal Telebista. After working for a brief season on Spanish Television, starting in 2005 he began to develop his career at the multinational communications and entertainment company Discovery Inc, in London. After holding various senior positions for 16 years, he returned to EITB as director. In his own words, the main objectives of his current position are “the anticipation of new audiovisual and communication challenges and the transformation within EITB Media.”

Instagram: @euskaltelebista | Twitter: @euskaltelebista | Tiktok: @euskaltelebista | Youtube: @EitbEus

José Luis Blanco Rad. Director of programming at Euskal Telebista, with more than 26 years of experience at the channel in positions related to programming and the production and creation of fiction. He actively participated in the launch of Primeran, EITB’s new OTT streaming platform that offers all types of Basque and international production content.

11h30 Panel. Series nowadays. With Joël Bassaget.

What is happening on the web series front? What are the trends? What is up or down? A quick tour of the “state of the web series world”.

Joël Bassaget.  Screenwriter of animated series for television since 1989, he has written more than 250 episodes to date. He also directed a few commercials, was an assistant director and set up and managed the animation studio Marathon Berlin. In 2014, he began publishing articles and analyzes on short serial formats. He has published two books on the subject of web series and is now an associate researcher at the University of Wollongong (Australia). He regularly gives lectures and courses on new writing and short formats.

12h00 Panel. Podcast nowadays. With Nacho Gallego, from Estación Podcast.

Estación Podcast é o evento por excelencia dedicado á creación sonora en castelán. O seu director de contidos, Nacho Gallego, contaranos en Interplay que se está a facer agora mesmo, como e dende onde.

Nacho Gallego. Podcast Station is the event par excellence dedicated to sound creation in Spanish. Its content director, Nacho Gallego, will tell us at Interplay what is being done right now, how and from where.

Instagram: @estacionpodcast | Twitter: @PodcastEstacion | Tiktok: @estacionpodcast | Youtube: @estacionpodcast606

12h30 Panel. Internet to explain the present through the past. Is nostalgia a guaranteed success? With Raquel Piñeiro, Juan Sanguino, Anxo F. Couceiro.

Nostalgia is one of the most powerful engines in cultural creation, especially when past eras are revisited to give it a new context or rescue historical events that have not had the fame they deserve. The generations they appeal to enjoy revisiting other moments in their lives, but young people also have fun discovering new references and stories to turn to. We are experiencing a resurgence of the 80s and 90s, and there are several analysts and content creators who bring the history of Spain from those years to the present day, through its popular culture.

Juan Sanguino. Journalist and writer. He has published four books, including the essays How We Have Changed and Press Me Stronger, and has written and presented the podcast Delirios de España. His articles can be found in El País, Vanity Fair and Jenesaispop, where he has covered the latest edition of OT.

Instagram: @juan__sanguino | Twitter: @juanlsanguino | Tiktok: @juansanguino_ | Youtube: Ø

Raquel Piñeiro. Writer, journalist, editor and whatever they throw at her. She has worked for El País, Vanity Fair, Elle, Condé Nast Traveler, El Comidista and other media, writing about gastronomy, travel, pop and non-pop culture. She has published the book “Things you will never forget about your Erasmus” and the “Activity notebooks for traveling minds” from Lonely Planet. Since 2019 she has published articles on past celebrity weddings in Vanity Fair; some have been adapted into podcasts under the name Iconic Weddings. She also has a podcast in which she and a friend review Sex and the City chapter by chapter.

Instagram: @raestaenlaaldea | Twitter: @Raestaenlaaldea | Tiktok: Ø | Youtube: Ø

Anxo F Couceiro. Journalist, specialized in culture, television criticism and social chronicle. He works for Lecturas magazine, coordinates the Años Dorados Lecturas specials and collaborates with and El País, among other media. He also has a literature podcast called ‘Mala letra’.

Instagram: @afcouceiro | Twitter: @cretineces | Tiktok: Ø | Youtube: Ø